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Green Spaces & Access

Projects for people and for green spaces
Blackwood Bayne can provide you with a management for any green space site, whether it is a country park, urban park or other green space, ensuring that public access and amenity needs are met, that the biodiversity interest is enhanced and that commercial or income requirements are met. We have produced many management plans which have supported Green Flag applications and have also carried out options appraisals and market positioning appraisals for country parks.
We also provide strategies for parks or country park services and open space assessments for Local Plans. With long-standing experience in access and rights of way, Blackwood Bayne also delivers access project development and management, strategic access plans and rights of way improvement plans, condition surveys and access promotion.

Green Spaces & Access Projects

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Involvement in all editions of the Kent Countryside and Coast Access Improvement Plan (CCAIP) (Kent’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan) (2007, 2012 and 2018 publications). Stakeholder engagement, research in to users and non-users, literature review and drafting of the CCAIP.

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